Citizen journalism: to feature Hurricane Florence videos Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Join, upload and HELP others stay safe, now serving millions of video minutes each week thanks to thousands of user channels that are posting videos every minute, will be featuring Hurricane Florence videos as “Editor’s Picks” from Friday through Sunday.

In the spirit of citizen journalism, we’re encouraging everyone in the affected area to:

1) Join to create your free account. Use this link to join now.

2) Record videos of what’s happening in your area.

3) Find usable bandwidth and upload those videos to and share with others.

We will be monitoring to pick and highlight the most informative Hurricane Florence videos, and we’ll be sharing them and posting on social media in the interests of public safety and the dissemination of on-the-ground information that can help others navigate the approaching disaster.

Weather experts are widely predicting a frightening array of effects from the storm, including:

  • Extreme flooding
  • The release of toxic substances into the flood waters
  • Severe infrastructure failures, including long-term power outages
  • Impassable roads
  • Extreme shortages of bottled water, local food and emergency supplies
  • Overwhelmed emergency responders
  • The shut down of nuclear power plants
  • Extreme wind damage from 130+ MPH winds

Citizen journalism can help alert people to local events that aren’t being covered by the conventional media. Citizens can often capture video footage of residents needing to be rescued, alerting authorities to people who are trapped by floods or collapsing buildings.

At, we will be working overtime to post and share these videos as quickly as possible, in the interests of public safety.

One video channel called Big Bang Videos has already begun posting public safety alert videos. See their latest video here:


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