GPO releases new tactical 1-8 combat rifle scope at considerably less cost than competing hardware

German Precision Optics is not too well-known a name at the moment, but it’s poised to be one in due time. After all, they’ve graced the outdoor optics market with the GPOTAC 1-8X24i. Though this rifle scope is just one of the 17 on offer from the company’s surprisingly stout catalog, it’s the one that stands out the most.

Just look at these specifications:

  • 1 to 8x magnification range
  • 34mm main tube with 104” of adjustment range
  • Custom mil-spec Horseshoe reticle
  • Double HD objective lenses
  • GPObright lens coating technology
  • iControl illumination
  • Magnifying first focal plane
  • See-through flip cap ocular and objective covers

The optical power is what truly sets the GPOTAC 1-8X24i apart. According to a review by, the objective aperture of this rifle scope comes to 24 mm – an objective lens size that would normally have magnification range of 1 to 6x. The greater spread of optical power means that anybody using this with their rifle will have an easier time pulling off shots at 100 yards.

Adding to the impressiveness of this package is the turret system, which makes use of mil-rad locking target turrets. These will allow you to make small and precise adjustments whenever necessary, accompanied by no less than satisfying, tactile clicks. All of this is backed up by eight brightness settings, an eyepiece with a raised fin and magnification adjustment ring that goes in a 180-degree arc, and glass coated with a unique formula that adds to the brightness and clarity of images viewed through the scope. Lower-light conditions will not pose a problem for you, as what you’ll be seeing through the GPOTAC 1-8X24i are “very good…crisp” images. (Related: Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Scope for Your Needs.)

Speaking to, German Precision Optics CEO Michael Jensen had this to say about the company: “We make sure GPO products are built to our specs and that the factories we work with adhere to the tough quality control we’re used to from our experience with other top brands. We use high-transmission glass and other prime components – the same as our competitors.

“What it all adds up to is this: We build higher-quality products with better features at similar prices, or similar-quality products at better prices.”

And Jensen isn’t kidding about the price. Initially evaluated to be priced at around $2,500 to 3,000, the GPOTAC 1-8X24i actually has a suggested retail price of about $1,800. When you consider all the features this rife scope has – including an extra battery for the iControl illumination system – calling this a deal would be far too kind. This is a rifle scope that will give you your money’s worth and then some.

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