REAL Self-Defense Episode 2 now live at

Hot on the heels of Episode 1 of REAL Self-Defense (the Joy of Shooting), we’ve now published Episode 2, which features a gear review of what gear you need to practice self-defense shooting skills at the range… even if you’re a total beginner when it comes to gun skills.

Future episodes focus on hands-on skills such as sight alignment, grip, stance, clearing jams, magazine reloads and more.

Episode 2 covers first aid, gear belts, range gear, hearing protecting, eye protection and more.

The “REAL Self-Defense” series is taught by a U.S. Navy SEAL (SEAL Team Five), a specialist in close assault tactics, and a U.S. Marine hand-to-hand combat and firearms expert. Both are active instructors who teach self-defense firearms skills to individuals and groups.

Click the preview below to watch Episode 2 now:

You can also view Episode 1 here:

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