Home security firearms: 4 types to consider

While you can trust that you are relatively safe and secure in the confines of your own home, it never hurts to have some extra protection that you can fall back on in times of emergency. And when it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe, in some situations, there are no better tools to have than good old-fashioned firearms.

You can lock all your doors and windows and even install a fully-working home security system to have as a backup, but for the most part, you may still need to rely on a firearm (or two) in case of emergency. Even the strongest locks may be no match for some criminals, and you could end up in a situation where you need to fight back. With that in mind, here are four different types of firearms to consider when thinking about the safety of your home and your family. (h/t to AmericanPreppersNetwork.com)

1. The Pistol

Pistols are the firearm of choice for those who are looking to arm themselves without breaking the bank. Not only are they more affordable than other options in this list, but they also offer a number of surprising benefits. For one, pistols are lightweight enough to carry around easily and are usually small enough to conceal without much fuss. They are easy to operate as well, usable with either one of your hands, freeing you up to do or hold other things with your other hand. When looking at pistols, consider the semi-automatic variety, and be wary of so-called “pocket” models as they are a lot smaller than the typical pistol and often inaccurate unless fired from very close range.

2. The Shotgun

Known as one of the most intimidating and most powerful firearms to ever exist, the shotgun is the epitome of a weapon that’s meant for defending your home and your family against intruders. It’s big, loud, and strong enough to instill fear in those who hear even just the sound of it being cocked, much less fired. And its actual firepower usually leaves behind a palpable smell of death and destruction. One common variant that’s used in homes across the country is the 12-gauge shotgun, known for firing buckshot with such immense forces that you only need to fire once to get your message across. Be prepared to tackle a learning curve that involves handling a bulky and weighty body and a shockingly enormous amount of recoil, but if you can master both of these things, the shotgun will serve you well.

3. The Tactical Rifle

Rifles are high-powered guns that are best suited for those who have larger lands or homes to protect. Tactical rifles, in particular, offer a number of advantages, such as a semi-modular design that can accommodate certain attachments, minimal recoil, and lots of force behind every shot. Their main advantage, however, is the fact that they can hold many rounds compared with other types of guns, which means you can stay focused on whatever you’re doing with it when intruders attack instead of worrying about reloading.

4. The Dual-Action Revolver

Finally, the dual-action revolver is another type of firearm that you may consider, mainly because it tends to offer the best of both worlds between shotguns and pistols. They are semi-automatic, can hold up to six rounds, and deliver an astounding level of firepower for a handheld weapon. With its great power, however, comes great responsibility, so it should only be used when absolutely necessary.

In truth, the same goes for every other firearm on this list. It’s not enough to have the right weapon; it’s important to know when to fire it.

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