STUPID COPS: French police officers play “gun drawing game” on each other; female officer shot dead by her partner, who apparently had the faster draw

There’s more trouble in Paris after a 27-year-old policewoman was reportedly shot dead by her colleague during a ridiculous “gun drawing game” the two were recently playing while on duty.

The incident apparently occurred just outside of the new police headquarters in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, the accidental “perpetrator” being another officer who was just one year older than the victim.

“This is a stupid drama that has just ruined two lives,” a senior police official told the Le Parisien newspaper following the incident.

After a Paris prosecutor, along with the head of the Paris police force, visited the scene of the crime, the prosecutor’s office decided to launch a full-scale investigation into the matter, which is to be headed by the Inspection générale de la Police nationale (I.G.P.N.), which is responsible for cases involving police abuses.

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In 2017, a Paris policeman accidentally shot his colleague in the chest while checking his weapon

This shocking incident is hardly the first time that a police officer in France has done something stupid that got another police officer killed. Back in 2017, a policeman was reportedly checking his weapon outside the Mulhouse police station in eastern France when he accidentally shot another policeman in the chest and killed him.

Reports indicate that the police officer who was shot had been a member of the local drug squad, and was only in his 30s.

Military police officer accidentally discharges firearm during speech by former French President François Hollande

Not even two months before this particular incident, there was yet another accidental shooting by a French military policeman who mistakenly discharged his weapon during a speech by then-President François Hollande, which left two people injured.

Video footage of the incident shows that the military police officer, who was tasked with providing security for President Hollande, created quite the scare when his firearm went off without warning.

“I hope it’s nothing serious,” President Hollande is seen saying just moments after the shot was fired, remaining calm despite the shock of it all. After pausing for another moment, President Hollande answered his own question by stating, “I don’t think so,” after which he proceeded with his speech.

An investigation into this incident revealed that the military police officer had made a “mistake in the handling (of the firearm) while changing positions.”

The man “had been standing on an elevated point and the gun went off accidentally,” stated local government chief Pierre N’Gahane at the time.

Despite the bullet grazing one person’s calf and lodging into the leg of another, firefighters who conducted the evacuation described the injuries as being “light.”

But nothing bad ever happens with guns in other countries, right?

What these three ridiculous incidents prove once again is that gun tragedies can happen anywhere, and aren’t simply a product of the Second Amendment here in the United States.

Despite what Leftists seem to get a kick out of falsely claiming, other countries aren’t in the clear when it comes to tragedies caused by firearms because guns don’t actually kill people, people kill people.

It’s a concept that’s really not that difficult to understand, and that was illustrated in gun-free Germany several years back when suspected terrorists plowed a van into a crowd of people attending a Christmas market in Berlin.

Were vans subsequently banned from Germany? Of course not, because the van in question didn’t kill people, the people driving it did. And similarly in France, it wasn’t the guns, in these three incidents, that killed people, it was irresponsible police officers who did.

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