8 unlikely bug-out bag items for when SHTF

If you’ve already stocked up on food, water, firearms, and basic medical supplies, then you’re already well on your way to weathering the storm like a champ when everything hits the fan. But what about the things you might have overlooked?

The following eight items are survival supplies that you probably didn’t already think of, but that you’ll probably want to have on hand when there’s no more electricity, running water, or stores that are actually open with supplies on their shelves:

1) Fishing net and floss. In some ways, these two items are one in the same, in that either or can be used for either or if absolutely necessary. If you don’t already have a sizable stock of fishing net and floss, get some! You never know when you’ll need to tie something or create a strong line for pulling, casting, or securing – and either fishing line or floss can be used for both during an emergency.

2) Razors. Useful for more than just shaving, razors can be critical tools for cutting, slicing, or mending. Whenever you need something sharp and precise, your razors will be there to get the job done without having to resort to something makeshift like a pointy rock or stick.

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3) Nail clippers and tweezers. Trust us: You don’t want to get stuck with long fingernails and toenails during an emergency scenario. Having nail clippers and tweezers on hand to deal not only with your nails but also splinters and thorns will ensure that you’re comfortable and hygienic at all times.

4) Condoms. Sure, they’re helpful for avoiding pregnancy, no matter the scenario. But condoms, believe it or not, are also useful for survival. Functioning similarly to balloons during a crisis, condoms can be filled up with water, of inflated and used as flotation devices. And because they’re designed to be strong and unbreakable, you can count on them to last.

5) Swimming goggles. Depending on the terrain where you live, having goggles on hand for swimming across a lake, up a river, or into the ocean could mean the difference between life or death. Goggles are also useful for protecting your eyes from tear gas or other airborne chemicals that might be present during an emergency situation.

6) Paper clips. You probably won’t be doing much actual paper-clipping with them, but remember that paper clips can be used for all sorts of purposes. If a zipper breaks on your jacket, for instance, a paper clip can fix it. You can also pick locks with paper clips, or make a chain – whatever you might need, paper clips can help.

7) Backup underwear. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to have clean undergarments available at all times. While you can always wash your underwear in a nearby river or lake, you’re still going to need at least a few extra pairs to rotate, especially since life is going to be considerably more difficult once all of the conveniences of modern life are no longer available.

8) A frisbee. Who wouldn’t love a good game of Ultimate after the lights go out? All joking aside, a frisbee is useful for a whole lot more than just throwing. You can sit on one when there’s no log or chair available, and you can also prepare food on one for cooking around a campfire, using the lip as a barrier to keep everything in place and away from the dirt.

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