5 Rifles you should own when SHTF

Gun control is one of the more polarizing topics we Americans face today. Simply mention the right of each citizen to bear arms, and you’ll find faces light up like a Christmas tree. It can go either way, really. They can either turn golden with the importance of protecting one’s self and family or change brilliantly red (as much of the mainstream media anchors tend to do) at the thought of (potentially) mentally ill people committing horrific crimes. Regardless, owning — and knowing how to use — a gun or two has its advantages. We have all seen how times can change in an instant. When SHTF, it would do you well to remember this article.

Let us be completely clear here that while this article will list five rifles you should own during times of trouble, no one gun is perfect. Similarly, having five options is not readily feasible, unless you have a large family to carry all your guns and ammunition.

The list will be broken down based on importance, and how likely you’ll use the gun for specific situations. It must be emphasized that each survival experience is different, so guns can change accordingly. However, this should serve as an adequate guide for the novice survivalist.

  1. AK-47 — It is most likely that when SHTF, you will be faced with an opponent who is within 200 yards of you. Close quarter combat is not kind to the unprepared. For these cases, you need a weapon that is both reliable and accurate. Now, before you start to panic and blubber nonsense that this is the favorite weapon of criminals, there are “Americanized,” semi-automatic AK-47 variants. You do want to be careful when firing this weapon though. Don’t pretend to be like Rambo and spray everyone in the room. Sure, you might hit a few people, but you’ll also run out of ammo really quick, too. The beauty of this rifle is that it rarely jams as well.
  2. Mossberg 500 — This is a tactical, pump 12 gauge that is useful for self-defense in extremely close quarters. Unlike the AK-47, this shotgun can hit your target multiple times. This is where the Mossberg shines as regular, long hunting shotguns are not conducive in enclosed areas. In determining whether to use a buckshot or slug, consider your intention in firing. A double aught buckshot will bring an enemy down, but he may still be able to fight or run away. A 12 gauge shot, on the other hand, removes this decision from him. (Related: GUNS SAVE LIVES: Rampaging knife murderer in Minnesota mall was stopped by… guess what? A man with a concealed gun.)
  3. AR-15 — Use this gun for self-defense situations within 400 yards. Most people will argue that the fire power of the AR-15 is not as great as say, the AR-10. However, fitted with a quality buffer and the recoil of a 5.56 mm round fired from an AR-15 is more easily absorbed. This should dramatically improve your aim.
  4. The scoped ruger 10/22 Take-down — Being in a survival situation does not mean you’re readily faced with an enemy. Sometimes that means needing to hunt for game. And while big game is nice, we cannot forget the importance of learning how to hunt for smaller ones, like squirrels and rabbits. The Ruger is one of the more durable assault rifles which you can easily bring in a backpack and reassemble as needed.
  5. Remington 700 — This rifle, in all its forms, has been a popular choice in the sniper world for decades — and with good reason. The Remington 700 features a high-quality scope that can be used to hunt down large game easily.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no perfect gun when SHTF. Ideally, you should have a cache of weapons that will suit your needs each time. If you ask most American riflemen though, they would agree that you need an all-around survival rifle that offers range, reliability, lethality, and available ammo. There are those who would argue for the .22 LR rifle but another good option is the Ruger Mini-14. The mini may not look as “cool” as the automatics but it is hardy and has the feel of the classic M1 Garand and M14. Moreover, the latest Minis are more accurate than before.

Remember that as with any weapon of war, aesthetics mean nothing if it doesn’t serve its function. Guns are only beautiful when they serve their purpose.

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