Avoid these common wilderness survival mistakes

Preppers know that even outdoor trips with family and friends can sometimes involve accidents and wilderness survival situations. Since these can’t always be prevented, the best thing to do is to prepare for different survival scenarios. Before you head out to your favorite camping or fishing spot, check out the wilderness survival mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs. (h/t to PrepperBits.com)

  1. Not having a first aid kit or not knowing how to use first aid – It’s not enough to just bring a first aid kit with you. You also need to know how to use it when dealing with medical emergencies. Read up on the first aid items that you will need for outdoor medical scenarios. Other important skills include making and using a splint and resuscitation techniques.
  2. Not preparing the right kind of shelter – There are different kinds of shelter for different scenarios, and knowing which one you need can help increase your chances of survival when SHTF. It’s good to keep a tarp in your gear that you can use as a makeshift shelter, but you also need to know how to build a survival shelter out of materials gathered from the wilderness. (Related: Emergency preparedness: 7 Common mistakes preppers often make.)
  3. Not prioritizing food and water – Learn how to find and purify water out in the wild so you can prevent dehydration. You also need to learn the basics of foraging, hunting, and trapping so you don’t starve.
  4. Not having navigational knowledge and equipment – Learn how to use a compass and include one in your gear when traveling in unfamiliar territory.
  5. Bringing the wrong kit and clothing – It may seem daunting at first, but you may need different kits for different outdoor activities. The tools in a fishing kit might not be that useful when you’re out foraging, and vice versa, so bringing the right kit with you before you leave your home is crucial to your safety. Familiarize yourself with the items in your survival kit so you know how to keep it light, especially if you try to eliminate things that you won’t need for a particular activity. Read any manual that comes with your gear, and practice using it before going on trips so you know it will work when you need it the most. Aside from the right survival kit, you also need to wear and bring appropriate clothing. Whenever possible, bring several layers of clothing with you so you can stay warm even if night falls or if the weather takes a turn for the worst.
  6. Not knowing how to create and maintain a fire –If you get lost in the woods, you’ll need to know to make a fire so you can cook and stay warm. Learn how to start a fire using different methods in various scenarios so you can create a fire even if you lose your lighter. Aside from being a source of warmth, smoke from your fire also acts as a rescue signal. It can also scare off predators like bears and other wild animals.

When preparing for family camping or fishing trips, make sure that you always have the necessary survival gear so you can keep your loved ones safe, especially if something unexpected happens to them.

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