5 best guns, in order, to have in ANY survival scenario

We’ve listed, in order, the top five guns you need for any survival situation. While we always recommend using the right gun for the right situation, some of us don’t have the luxury of having an entire cache of firearms. So we’ve decided to prioritize the absolute musts, based on practicality and budget. (h/t to ArmsBearingCitizen.com)

  1. Rimfire rifle – Every collection should have a rimfire rifle. There are plenty of options to choose from but we’d recommend the .22 rifle, particularly the Ruger 10/22. A great reason why this is an excellent choice is that the Ruger can be found in almost all major retailers and the .22 LR ammunition is relatively cheap, all things considered. Take note though that many Rugers are not sold secondhand and they can be a little heavy – especially for those who are not used to the weight. However, the Ruger’s trigger is completely fine as set at the factory so they’re also very safe.
  2. Semi-automatic defensive handgun – If this seems a little vague, it’s because each person has their own different style of shooting and defense priorities. You really need to test the caliber choice available in your area to find what’s best for you. Guns don’t mean squat if you don’t know how to use them, after all! These handguns though are a necessity for defensive purposes. We’d recommend beginners try their hand at a 9mm due to the large magazine capacity. Economical choices for this selection would be the Glock 17 or Glock 19. The CZ-SP-01 is also a great choice. Owners should likewise consider a .22 caliber handgun, especially if you’re carrying a .22 rimfire rifle.
  3. Combat rifle – Some people can argue that this seems excessive, but most (if not all) gun enthusiasts agree that combat rifles are needed for survival, particularly with the turbulent times we are experiencing today. Try getting an AR-15 with a .223 caliber round if you can. We’d also suggest looking into the .308 caliber round of the AR-10 because it can be used for both survival and hunting.
  4. Shotgun – This is extremely useful in close-quarter combat and is ideal for home defense. But while shotguns are an integral part of your collection, we wouldn’t prioritize it over a good rifle. Likewise, owning a handgun is more important than a shotgun, just in terms of practicality. Think about it this way: If you already own a rifle, you’d have it strapped to your back while carrying a shotgun which would impede your mobility. Remember that we’re talking about survival in this guide. Shotguns are good to protect your home, but it’s not the first gun we’d go to in a survival situation.
  5. Surplus guns – These should be used as a backup weapon. You can find some great deals too if you’re willing to take the time and effort to look through all of the choices. These can be used as your primary weapon, especially if you’re on a budget – but if you have cash to spare, we’d still recommend you buying the first three options first. That said, you can generally find a cheap Chinese SKS rifle in a local used gun store.

Before you purchase a gun

If you’re buying a gun for the first time, take note of these facts first:

  • Each and every gun sale requires a national instant criminal background check system (NICS) from the FBI.
  • 87.3 percent of first-time gun owners buy a gun for home defense.
  • After you purchase your first gun, remember to attend a good training class. Currently there are over 125,000 certified NRA instructors nationwide.

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