6 Common concealed carry mistakes to avoid

So you own a firearm. But have you prepared yourself on how you should properly carry it – especially if you’re intending to conceal it? Beginner preppers mistakenly think that a concealed carry course is the end-all, be-all of their firearm education. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, carrying a concealed weapon, and how to use it for different situations, is an ongoing process.

That said, this article will help you in your training. We will cover common concealed carry mistakes, and emphasize the reality you WILL face as a civilian carrying a concealed handgun. You need to recognize that choosing the right gun for you means settling on a compromise; perhaps sacrificing capacity, accuracy, or stopping power depending on what your needs are.

Mistake 1: Wearing inappropriate clothing

Hey, it’s cool that you’re proud of your body, but wearing extremely tight clothes is a no-no when carrying a concealed weapon. Wearing clothes that are too tight on your waist will create a print of your handgun. Clothes with a shortened hem, on the other hand, will reveal your handgun when you’re reaching for things over your head.

The point of a concealed carry is to maintain an element of surprise. Remember: You are a citizen, not a cop. People don’t expect you to have a handgun, and you shouldn’t reveal that you are fully capable of protecting yourself. Choose clothing that helps blend you in.

Logic also dictates that you don’t wear overly loose clothing as this may snag on your gun when you are drawing it.

Mistake 2: Wearing the wrong holster

Your gun should be exactly where you put in when you reach out for it. Your holster should completely conceal your handgun. You should also be able to smoothly and effectively draw your gun from the holster.

An open-top holster is fine for most people. However, if you’re a little bit more athletic and active, you can get some kind of retention device like a thumb-break snap. Just remember to practice disengaging the retention device during your natural drawing motion.

Mistake 3: Walking funny

This is why it is so important that you practice walking around and doing your everyday chores with your concealed carry. Making awkward movements lets everyone know you are carrying. Some people bend at the knees instead of the waist to prevent printing. This doesn’t look awkward and will not raise suspicion.

Before you go out in public, try walking around with your concealed weapon and make some basic movements. If something doesn’t feel right, make sure to change your clothes or your holster. We recommend bending and stretching to check for printing signs. (Related: What every woman needs to know before carrying a concealed weapon.)

Mistake 4: Telling everyone you’re carrying


Do not do this. Concealed weapons are meant for your protection. They do not act as badges or make you into some kind of superman. Just because you’re carrying does not mean you can save everyone, and that justice is something you can serve to anyone.

Use your brain. Do not make yourself into a target. Do not try to enforce the law. You are not a vigilante.

Mistake 5: Being careless

Just because you’re carrying does not mean you can walk into the most dangerous place in your neighborhood. It still pays to be safe and smart.

Again we emphasize: Your concealed weapon is meant to protect YOU; but you need to take every care that you are not placed in a situation where you need to draw your gun in the first place.

Mistake 6: Not training

When you carry a weapon, you need to know how to use it. Learn how to shoot your gun from various positions, especially difficult ones.

This means regularly training. Improve your skills so that when the doodoo really hits the fan, you’re not caught with your pants on the ground!

All in all, carrying a concealed weapon requires a lot of common sense and a proper mindset. Remember that owning a firearm requires good manners, too.

Learn more about gun etiquette at Guns.news.

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