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10 must-have solar-powered camping gadgets

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the U.S. In order to properly enjoy it, it’s best to always be prepared. Access to electricity can be limited. This is where solar-powered gadgets can be useful. An article from features a list of 10 solar-powered gadgets that campers should consider bringing.

  1. Solar lamp – Solar lamps or lanterns are easily one of the most essential solar-powered items you can bring. These lightweight gadgets use efficient LED lights and solar panels, which means they emit low levels of carbon, if any at all. Solar lamps are portable lighting options to help make camping nights safer and more comfortable.
  2. Solar backpack – Solar bags and backpacks are relatively new innovations in solar energy generation. Since campers and hikers bring their backpacks all the time, these gadgets hit two birds with one stone: carrying necessary gear while generating solar energy. Solar bags and backpacks can help extend battery life in smartphones and other gadgets.
  3. Solar camp shower – These gadgets may prove beneficial for camp sites with limited access to water. Solar camp showers are practically expandable bags that enable campers to store gallons. What makes the gadget an ideal camping must-have is its capacity to use the sun’s energy to heat the stored water, a feature that may work best for camping in cooler climates.
  4. Solar flashlight – Like solar lamps, solar flashlights are an excellent source of light during camping. Solar flashlights are lightweight, compact, and portable. These features allow campers to have access to light anywhere in the camping site.
  5. Solar-powered water purifierWater is essential for human survival. Solar-powered water purifiers are important gadgets to have especially when water quality is in question. These gadgets use solar power to help eliminate potentially harmful chemicals in contaminated water.
  6. Solar-powered camera charger – Most campers carry cameras around to snap photos of the great outdoors. Carrying a solar-powered camera charger may ensure your equipment’s battery life.
  7. Solar-powered cooler – Solar-powered coolers harness the sun’s energy to help keep beverages at a pleasing, ice-cold temperature.
  8. Solar-powered speaker – These gadgets provide a great deal of entertainment for campers. Equipped with built-in solar panels, these speakers ensure that music can keep playing for hours.
  9. Solar-powered USB charger – These chargers help extend the battery life of non-solar devices. They are compact and light-weight, which make them an ideal gadget for campers, hikers, and backpackers.
  10. Solar panel multi-tool kit – These multi-tool kits contain the most basic equipment needed in running a solar-powered campsite. (Related: Learn more about camping essentials at

A Nielsen Scarborough survey reveals that the number of camping participants appeared to pick up steam following an all-time low in 2012. According to the survey, 45 million participants went camping at least one in the previous 12 months. Data also show that North American campers come from diverse backgrounds. The respondents cite various reasons for camping such as relaxation, a quick escape from the city life, and it being an affordable vacation option. The poll also reveals that fishing was the most popular camping activity among North American campers, followed by hiking and backpacking.

It is no wonder that campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks attained an estimated revenue of about $5.8 billion in 2015 alone. Data also show that consumers spent more than $2.5 billion on camping equipment in the same year. According to statistics, a big chunk of this cost is allotted to backpacks and sleeping bags.


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