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Toyota announces robotic leg “WelWalk WW-1000” that helps paralyzed people walk

Toyota recently unveiled its Welwalk WW-1000 system designed to assist partially-paralyzed patients in walking. The robotic leg, developed in collaboration with the Fujita

Clean water graphene breakthrough could allow millions to drink filtered seawater

As drought conditions continue to spread across the globe, from the 2015 drought in California that swept over 90 percent


Amazon PrimeAir’s drone delivery service will cover our skies and feed our need for ‘instant gratification’

Although this month’s much-heralded first delivery performed by a fully autonomous drone was, in effect, little more than a

Zuca All Terrain roller cases haul gear where the road ends

The Zuca All Terrain hauls gear on and off road and doubles as a seat (Article by C.C. Weiss, republished

Bring on the sun – Discover safe and natural skin protective solutions this summer

With summer in full force, many are embracing commercial sunscreens in a misguided effort to minimize burning and reduce skin